Lean Six Sigma

"BUSINESS" means clients and suppliers, products and services, processes and projects, profit and image!
Finding what it really does not work, handling the root cause not the effect, removing the non-value activities and reducing the process and outputs variation it is actually an OPTIMIZATION!

Nowadays, the most impact optimization approach is LEAN SIX SIGMA.
Finding Lean Six Sigma as a unique and logical merge between the faster "LEAN Management" which reduce the waste and increase the speed in providing products and services to the client, and the defects and variation tough killer, "SIX SIGMA" is the best you can do for raising your company.
Even if Lean Six Sigma is considered to be the most impact and efficient short and long term improvement approach, every business decision maker must understand that the system should be tailored different regarding the business specifics, products, or services outputs.

Taking into consideration that most of the training providers choose the way of delivering the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge standard, focused on products delivery, Arcadia Consulting went further the standard and developed a high accredited training program, suitable for services delivery (banking, telecom, energy providers, retail, software development, or IT services).
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