Training without practice and coaching is useless.
Training without practice and coaching is useless.
Training and Practice without commitment and involvement mean nothing!
Training and Practice without commitment and involvement mean nothing!
"You can have a solid and long term recommendation only if you provide high quality programs, commitment and respect; besides, you have to show your clients the link between theory, practical instruments and reality.
A permanent rising of our services quality is our business philosophy."

(Radu Scutelnicu, Managing Director)
Our training programs, developed and customized by Arcadia Consulting, cover a wide PROJECT MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS ANALYSIS and LEAN SIX SIGMA competences. In addition, the main training area also includes high ranking of certification.
We can run the projects in a waterfall way according to the PMBOK® Guide or PRINCE2® approach or be more flexible, in an AGILE SCRUM PM way, but more important than this, we MUST have a WAY. That's why, everyone involved in a project should learn how to do it in an efficient manner, by learning PROJECT MANAGEMENT.
Looking through the "business eyes", BUSINESS ANALYSIS is the missing link between the project and its business clients.
In this context, the business analyst is entirely responsible for finding the optimal solution to the client problem or necessity.

Six Sigma
Finding LEAN SIX SIGMA as a unique and logical merge between the faster "LEAN Management" which reduce the waste and increase the speed in providing products and services to the client, and the defects and variation tough killer, "SIX SIGMA", is the best you can do for raising your company.
Whenever the business invests in the people skills development, it's a great investment; just the results will be visible, in terms of a business impact, after a medium-long time.
The business should wait the employee to practice, to learn from positive and negative experiences, should empower the field force with all the necessary courage and mentality and should invest in CONSULTANCY as well.

This section is dedicated to our actual and future partners who believe that no one could be the master of all the  necessary knowledge to rise or improve a business, who understand that a business - consultant partnership is more profitable, faster and even cheaper than waiting.


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